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Tent Interior

Alan Percy Walker | British Army

“This is the sketch of the inside of my tent, you will notice the booze, a couple of glasses indicating sociability, and Christmas cards from Blighty. On the bed is the folio. Also there is a reminder that it can get cold in Cyprus.”

Alan Percy Walker is a professional artist and writer. His paintings are held in collections like the National Library of Wales and the Royal Marines School of Music. He has also been commissioned by the National Trust and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, amongst others.

Alan joined the British Army to undertake his National Service and recalls:

“I received the uniform in Malvern, 1958. After basic training I was posted to the Royal Military School of Survey in Thatcham, Berkshire, where I was taught air photography followed by some brief officer training for which I was turned down. I was then posted to Cyprus and to Zygi near Larnaca, in particular, where I learned more about air photography. Then there was blissful release in 1960.”

Inside a soldier's tent. Drawing.